Sharing is caring! is really supposed to be a daily log of a twenty-year-old fresh-out-of-college dude. However. when he started his career as a digital marketer, that’s when he met a lot of people during his travels across Asia. He wiped out all his existing blog entries to start a new chapter of

As a traveler, Jack met a lot of ladies in hostels who were down to have a little fun. It’s his fascination with women, travel spots, and sex that kept him going for more. He did this for 5 years, and now that he is 30, there is no stopping him now. is a place to find amazing sex stories written and told via podcast streaming by the man himself, Jack Nilles. However, since his followings have grown big, he hired a team that consists of writers, researchers, and voice talents for his weekly podcast show that long-time visitors have come to love!

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