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Leather emits natural smell

Are you a fan of that natural leather smell of your clothes? Unfortunately, it seems that the leather clothes of today don’t have that familiar smell anymore. This is only because of different tanning processes. Also, leather is treated with dyes and chemicals that can strip that smell away even more.

So, the first difference between leather and latex is that leather smells like… well, leather. Since it’s taken from animals, it’s natural to assume there will be a smell to it. However, some people aren’t a fan of this smell. That’s understandable, as some people want to only smell like their favorite cologne. But when you mix cologne with the familiar leather smell, you can get new scents that many people enjoy.

It’s rare for people to purchase leather clothes only because of their smell. But some do consider it a good thing that causes them to reach for it more often.

Latex smells like rubber

People used to rarely use latex for fashion, but things are different nowadays. Latex pieces are considered high-fashion, and celebrities wear them readily. 

However, latex also has a distinct smell. This is because the main component of latex is rubber. Before you assume the worst, we’ll tell you that latex is a completely natural material. In fact, people harvest it from trees and plants.


Unfortunately, the smell won’t go away no matter how much you wash your latex clothing. Many people don’t mind it, but most stay away from latex only for this reason. 

Additionally, some believe that inhaling the smell of rubber is harmful. Yes, inhaling rubber dust or fumes from burning rubber is definitely harmful. But, the natural smell of latex clothing can do no harm no matter how much you inhale it.

Leather’s texture is sometimes rough


People who use leather for fashion know that it’s not easy to manipulate it. Leather can never be soft and bendy, even though it goes through a tanning process and is treated with chemicals. Of course, the elasticity and softness of leather will also depend on the animal it came from. For example, lambskin is incredibly soft, while kangaroo skin is rough and durable.

This rough feel is exactly what some people are going for because it gives them that cool appearance. Many would argue that leather is quality but isn’t that comfortable to wear, and that’s why people opt for latex, the so-called vegan leather. 

For example, wearing a rough leather skirt won’t be the most comfortable experience, but a leather jacket is completely different. So, this roughness can be both a pro and a con of leather, depending on how you look at it.

Latex’s texture is sometimes sticky

One of the facts about latex and leather is that they both have a distinct feel to them. We know that leather can be quite rough, so what about latex? While latex looks and feels incredibly soft and smooth, it hugs the body. 

That is great, right? It helps you show off your curves, after all. But it can also feel very sticky. This makes it difficult to readjust it once it’s on, so you have to be careful about how you put it on.

This sticky feeling immediately puts people off and makes the idea of wearing latex clothing a nightmare. However, this issue can be easily solved. Namely, before putting anything latex on, people apply baby powder. 

The powder will make your latex piece move, making you more comfortable. Just be careful of making a mess when you apply powder and don’t worry about getting some on your latex because you can just brush it off.

Leathers are peeling

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and the same can be said for leather goods. Maybe you were able to make a fashion statement with your leather pieces once, but they will gradually decay. When leather starts deteriorating, it can become dry. That means it will start cracking and peeling. Once leather starts peeling, it may seem like the end of the world for some. Luckily, there are many ways to fix this.

In fact, there are ways to prevent this too. Leather is animal skin, and it needs moisture to maintain quality and elasticity. When there’s no moisture, the drying and cracking process begins. Proper maintenance and ensuring you use the correct products can make your leather pieces long-lasting. So, even though leather clothing is high-quality, it still needs proper care to serve you a long time.

Latex is strong and durable

It’s important to note that latex is both strong and fragile at the same time. How people use latex and leather to create fashion pieces is very different. Leather is usually thicker, while latex seems pretty thin. This lack of thickness makes latex fragile and damage-prone. On the other hand, latex is very strong and durable.

The rubber component in latex makes this material strong and elastic. This doesn’t mean your suit or skirt will never tear and that it can stretch on forever. Latex allows only for a normal amount of stretching while staying intact. 

People usually consider latex a lower quality material when compared to leather. However, not every piece of latex clothing shows off a low-quality aura. In, their latex clothing and accessories are often a much better choice. Considering their pros and cons, we’re here to tell you that latex is a good match to leather, depending on what you’re looking for in your clothes.