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Due to a huge variety of sizes, shapes and materials sex toys and as the anal of tube well or anal plug rapidly acquiring e so popular. At the same time, they are used by both women and men: after all, the sensations that the anal stimulant gives due to the effect on the nerves are incredibly pleasant. Moreover, in men, in the area of ??the anus, the most sensitive point is located – point P (prostate). But let’s do everything in order. Here are the advantages of metal butt plugs.

Butt plug – types and basic materials for their manufacture

Literally every day, sex toy manufacturers offer something new to the market. Needless to say, plastic or silicone “toys” from miniature to impressive size will not surprise anyone. They are made in different colors, but can is matte black or transparent, have the form of a miniature phallus or a wide herringbone, be long or short. Butt plugs can be equipped with a vibrating mechanism for more energetic stimulation; they can swell or have a special relief for additional impact. Also anal plug may have a suction cup at the base, so they can be mounted on a flat surface. For more info on anal plugs and metal butt plugs visit

The materials from which they are made can also be very diverse. 

Softer and more elastic: They are mainly made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), TPR (thermoplastic rubber), TPE (thermoplastic elastomeric), silicone, etc. The latter is used in more expensive and high-quality models.

Smooth and firm. The main materials are glass or metal. Models made from these materials have many advantages. At the same time they give completely new, incomparable, feelings from anal stimulation.

Anal tube or as it is called anal plug is used for: 

Relaxing and developing the anus and preparing for anal sex with a partner. Anal toys are used to prepare the anus for anal sex. At the initial stage, you can use the “toy” with a narrowed streamlined end to facilitate the introduction, most often it is a classic butt plug . When the muscles “get used” and “relax”, it is the turn of the plugs, made in the form of a small phallus, which also have a “head” and a “trunk”. After such training, penetration will be easy, and anal sex will bring great satisfaction.

For double penetration (they are left inside during traditional sex). Another important function that anal plugs perform is narrowing of the vagina. Do not think that this is relevant only to women immediately after childbirth. A small diameter  anal  plug in the form of a “Christmas tree” or with a relief coating left in the anus during traditional sex not only narrows the vagina, but also allows both partners to experience brighter sensations and an unforgettable stormy orgasm. Just incredible sensations cause extraction of the anal plug during traditional sex. Double stimulation partners tend to come back to it again and again.  Anal prostate stimulation toys are not exactly classic corks. They have a special shape (most often a slightly curved tip). Prostate stimulants are a  rare example where you can combine business with pleasure. This massage causes a whole range of sensations from mild arousal to the strongest orgasm. At the same time, prostate massage is an extremely useful procedure. It has a positive effect on potency, and also warns “male” diseases.

Anal sex for the first time and anal plug

Anal sex is popular for many reasons: it gives unusual and often even brighter sensations than the “traditional”. It does not need to be protected, which allows both partners to completely relax. However, due to the fact that the anal passage is much narrower than vaginal, anal sex for the first time can seem quite painful. For the gradual preparation of the anus for penetration, there are quite thin small anal stimulants. As a rule, they have a shape slightly expanding to the base, which allows gently and painlessly developing the muscles.

Easy to adjust the angle and depth of penetration allow convenient handles, which are usually provided with  all  anal dilators , plugs  and plugs . Gradually, you can increase the diameter. To do this, they either acquire another “toy” (of larger diameter) or use an inflatable anal plug. The latter is good because during its insertion inside it has a minimum thickness. Then it can be inflated, maintaining a comfortable feeling and no longer moving it in the anus. Such accessories can increase several times.

When the muscles are sufficiently flexible and learn to relax, and stimulation – is a familiar and pleasant, you can move on to penetration partner. If you do everything right and without haste – anal sex for the first time does not deliver any discomfort. And then the only choice is yours and vibrators, beads, double stimulant and whether sex toys with a special form and function.